Digital twin

Jumeau numérique: L'innovation au cœur de l'optimisation énergétique.

At KIPSUM, we believe in constant innovation to meet the complex challenges of energy efficiency. Our revolutionary approach is based on the creation and use of digital twins to transform the way companies manage their facilities and reduce their energy consumption.

What is a digital twin?

Imagine a world where you can accurately predict how your plant will perform, and how your systems will interact in their own environment. That’s exactly what we do with our digital twin!

A digital twin is a highly accurate virtual representation of your real plant, capable of simulating and predicting its behavior in real time.

How does it work?

Our process begins with the careful collection of data from sensors installed in your buildings to be optimized. This data, combined with weather information and other inputs, is integrated into our secure Cloud, where it feeds our algorithms.

We then model each room in your building, the thermal comfort devices and even the occupants’ habits. This model is carefully validated by comparing its predictions with actual data collected by sensors.

Once the model has been validated, our digital twin springs into action: thanks to artificial intelligence, it can analyze environmental data, occupant behavior and other relevant factors in real time to predict the future behavior of your installation.

These predictions will be used to determine the optimum parameters for the installations, so as to minimize energy consumption while maintaining production or occupant comfort.

The optimization is fully customizable: It can be limited to sending recommendations and alerts, or we can take control of the installations to ensure optimal settings are maintained in real time. The choice is yours!

Why use the KIPSUM digital twin?