Heating and Cooling

Our Heating and Cooling Solutions: Explore our innovative solutions for intelligent regulation.


At KIPSUM, our commitment to energy goes beyond words. 

Thanks to our innovative heating and cooling solutions, we’re transforming the way businesses manage their thermal comfort while reducing their environmental footprint.

Our holistic approach

Heating and cooling are essential pillars efficiency. Our holistic approach involves combining our expertise in digital twins and artificial intelligence to optimize these complex systems, ensuring optimal thermal comfort while minimizing energy consumption.

Smart heating

Eco-Responsible cooling

Our smart heating system is built on the precise prediction of your facility’s heating needs. With our advanced digital twin, we anticipate external temperature variations, energy demand fluctuations, and occupant habits. As a result, our heating systems automatically adjust to maintain a comfortable and energy-efficient indoor temperature.

Cooling is often associated with high energy consumption. However, thanks to our innovative approach, we’re transforming cooling into an eco-responsible solution. Our digital twin monitors real-time environmental conditions, usage patterns, and occupant preferences. this allows our cooling systems to operate optimally while minimizing energy consumption.

Carbon footprint reduction

Our heating and cooling solutions go beyond energy efficiency. They also have a significant impact on reducing your facility’s carbon footprint. By minimizing energy consumption, you actively contribute to environmental protection and sustainability.

Customization & Innovation

Because every installation is unique, our solutions are designed to be customized according to your specific needs.