Energy renovation

Energy renovation: Decarbonise your facilities for a sustainable future


At KIPSUM, we believe in a cleaner and more sustainable energy future. That’s why we are proud to offer innovative energy retrofit solutions to help professionals reduce their carbon footprint and create more energy efficient facilities.


KIPSUM supports you in your energy renovation

The transition to low-carbon facilities is a crucial objective to meet current environmental challenges? KIPSUM is committed to supporting professionals in this transition by offering tailor-made solutions to decarbonize their facilities. Our advanced technologies based on artificial intelligence and the creation of a digital twin allow you to reduce energy consumption and optimize the use of your resources.

Our expert team is here to guide you through every step of your energy renovation project. We start with a thorough assessment of your facilities to identify areas for improvement and solutions tailored to your needs. Whether you are upgrading your heating, cooling, lighting or other systems, we provide you with specific recommendations to maximize energy efficiency.


The tertiary decree: A call to reduce consumption

The effort to reduce the energy consumption of professional facilities is further enhanced by the tertiary decree. Indeed, published in 2020, this decree sets ambitious goals for energy consumption reduction in tertiary buildings over the coming decades. It underscores the importance of energy efficiency and encourages professionals to adopt more sustainable practices.

This decree requires non-residential tertiary buildings of more than 1000 m2 to reduce their energy consumption gradually and sets intermediate objectives to be achieved every 5 years:


This regulation reinforces the need to implement energy renovation and decarbonization strategies.


Benefits of energy renovation at KIPSUM